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Create a buzz on social media channels.

In 2020 it’s estimated almost 4 billion use social media worldwide, over half of the global population. Consider too, that the average social media user has accounts on 9 platforms, and you can understand why social media marketing is such big business.

But where social media once presented an opportunity for businesses to reach their audience effectively and at low cost, frequent algorithm changes and monetised platforms mean this is no longer a reality. 

Instead, effective social media marketing requires money, careful planning and technical knowledge. It is not simply enough to have dabbled on a platform as a user to understand how to use social media for business purposes.

In our social media training, you will learn how to manage business pages and run paid social media marketing campaigns on platforms.

Often we can get lost in strategy and audits and forget about the results, however at all times Carla and Aimee made sure the results were front of mind throughout the process.

Nanda Gunnink
Managing & Creative Director at Studio Orange

Social media training includes…

  • Facebook

    • Business page management
    • Closed group moderation
    • Posts vs videos vs photos vs events
    • Ghosting, boosting & campaigns
    • Advertising strategy and targeting
    • Setting budgets
  • TikTok

    • Business page management
    • Ensuring brand relevance
    • Ad formats


    • LinkedIn

      • Company page management
      • Closed groups
      • LinkedIn articles
      • Advertising strategy
      • Audience targeting
      • Setting budgets
    • Snapchat

      • Account management
      • Stories
      • For You page and paid features
      • Filters
    • Twitter

      • Page management
      • Tweeting and retweeting
      • Hashtag research
    • Instagram

      • Page management
      • Feed vs. Stories
      • Highlights and filters
      • IGTV
      • Advertising strategy and targeting
      • Setting budgets

    How it works

    The full package includes four stages, all tailored to you and your business.



    We’ll review your business goals, your marketing performance to-date and the skills and experience of your in-house team. You'll receive a full audit report with opportunities and skills gaps highlighted.


    Based on our findings, we'll create a data-driven digital marketing strategy and action plan bespoke for your business. The strategy is clear, actionable and comprehensive, designed for you to lead in-house.


    Once the strategy is set, we train your in-house teams in the areas required. Through our online platform, the modules are available 24/7. We hold check-in calls to answer further questions.


    To continue the development of their newly-learned skills, we offer ongoing coaching for your team. If in time you require training in additional areas, you'll have access to a reduced rate.

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    With packages suitable for every business, including custom packages, there’s never been a better time to own your digital marketing in-house.

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    Typical topics

    We can train your team in any area of digital marketing.

    The topics we recommend will depend on the goals, team resourcing, and opportunities unique to your business.

    No matter the topic, all audits, strategies and training courses are developed bespoke for your business.  

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    Social channels build a community.

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