Tailored SEO training.

To understand and contribute to better search engine performance.

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Demystifying search engine optimisation.

You’ve heard it all before: Google is king, and if you’re not on the first page you may as well be in a graveyard.

The value of good SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is widely known, but the knowledge of how to correctly optimise and update a website for search remains a mystery for many.

Some search consultants/agencies are reluctant to teach their clients the tricks of the trade, scared to jeopardise the revenue they earn from their expertise.

 The truth is: everyone (your business, your employees, and even your search agency) is better off if your business knows what good – and bad – SEO looks like.

Insourced took the time to understand what results we were looking for and designed their approach around that.”

Nanda Gunnink
Managing & Creative Director at Studio Orange

SEO training includes…

  • Setting expectations & goals
  • On-site vs. off-site SEO
  • Factors that affect SEO
  • Black hat vs. white hat tactics
  • Navigation and site structure
  • A guide to researching keywords & topics


  • Page content best practices
  • Optimising meta data and images
  • Internal and external linking
  • How to correctly handle broken links
  • Writing blogs for SEO
  • Owning search engine real estate


  • Why backlinks matter
  • How to earn authentic backlinks
  • Backlink what not to do’s
  • Monitoring and reporting on SEO
  • When to run an audit
  • Structured data for SEO

How it works

The full package includes four stages, all tailored to you and your business.



We’ll review your business goals, your marketing performance to-date and the skills and experience of your in-house team. You'll receive a full audit report with opportunities and skills gaps highlighted.


Based on our findings, we'll create a data-driven digital marketing strategy and action plan bespoke for your business. The strategy is clear, actionable and comprehensive, designed for you to lead in-house.


Once the strategy is set, we train your in-house teams in the areas required. Through our online platform, the modules are available 24/7. We hold check-in calls to answer further questions.


To continue the development of their newly-learned skills, we offer ongoing coaching for your team. If in time you require training in additional areas, you'll have access to a reduced rate.

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With packages suitable for every business, including custom packages, there’s never been a better time to own your digital marketing in-house.

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Typical topics

We can train your team in any area of digital marketing.

The topics we recommend will depend on the goals, team resourcing, and opportunities unique to your business.

No matter the topic, all audits, strategies and training courses are developed bespoke for your business.  

Marketing training

...tailored to your business.

Email marketing

...to nurture and engage.

Content marketing

...to grow your audience.

Social channels

...to build a community.

Organic search

...to be visible online.

Website analytics

... to unpack performance.