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Working with Insourced Digital produced results that may have taken us years to achieve on our own. Having a clear strategy has reduced the amount of time I need to spend on non-core activities by 100%.


Brett Quinn
CEO of StrategyX


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The challenge

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Seasoned entrepreneur Brett Quinn founded StrategyX to help business owners and senior managers maintain strategic focus while managing their day-to-day business demands.

The StrategyX platform is a software designed to improve strategy execution. In a single dashboard, users have visibility over their complete strategy, including Key Performance Areas (KRAs), vision, mission and more. The platform enables users to track real progress by providing a single place to monitor success factors, projects, business risk and tasks.

As a strategy aficionado entering a brand new product into a highly-competitive market, CEO Brett Quinn was eager to develop a clear, actionable and measurable content marketing strategy for StrategyX to achieve cut-through and tell the story of his product.

Having already identified a content partner – Typeset – to assist with asset production, this strategy needed to satisfy strategy experts and content experts alike. The strategy needed to act as a roadmap for immediate collaboration with Typeset, and plan for how a future marketing team should advance the strategy.

Crucially, this strategy needed to both facilitate immediate growth opportunities, and pave the way for long term success and scalability.

What we did

Content marketing strategy

The strategy we developed included monthly themed content campaigns to focus content marketing efforts and provide content at all stages of a buyer’s decision-making journey linked to a key strategic challenge faced by StrategyX customers, validated by keyword research.

Each monthly campaign included a gated downloadable piece of content which presents a lead capture opportunity for StrategyX. The downloadable content is formatted for the StrategyX software, so when customers converted they could upload these tools directly into their dashboard. 

These monthly campaigns were supported by a plan for business-as-usual content marketing, organised by content pillars. This business-as-usual content approach informed design and structure edits to the StrategyX website, including content presentation, discoverability and site navigation.

How it impacted the business

Implementing the content marketing strategy quickly, and using the StrategyX platform to monitor tasks and performance, the business immediately began to reap the rewards of a strategic approach.

Content marketing is now a primary source of lead generation, growing the database of potential customers significantly. Organic traffic to the website has vastly improved, with the site ranking for many more keywords thanks to consistent, search-optimised content. This, plus an improved conversion rate since the recommended website changes were sent live, has driven more product demos and sales.

As if strong business results weren’t enough, armed with the content marketing strategy StrategyX and Typeset won the Strategy – Agency/Client Content Marketing Partnership award in the 2022 international Content Marketing Awards.

As the business grows and the team expands, digital marketing training will become a focus for the business, with clear areas already identified for future staff member training.

Working with Insourced Digital produced results that may have taken us years to achieve on our own. Having a clear strategy has reduced the amount of time I need to spend on non-core activities by 100%. 

We implemented all the recommendations in the strategy, including restructuring our website and offering new content products to website visitors. Because we’re much more targeted in how we go to market, we’ve been able to increase the volume and quality of our digital content. This, in turn, has resulted in more feedback and allowed us to develop a better product.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Insourced Digital to anyone who wants to improve their digital marketing and content marketing programs. 

Brett Quinn
CEO of StrategyX

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