Frequently asked questions

We get these queries a lot but if you have a question not answered, feel free to send us a message.

fewfeHow do you set your prices?

Our pricing is set based on the combined value of the digital marketing audit and/or strategy and digital marketing training.

Are you suggesting businesses shouldn’t outsource digital marketing to agencies?

Not at all! In fact, we think it is mighty difficult to do everything by yourself, and would happily recommend our favourite agencies and freelancers to our clients.

What we do believe is no business should be outsourcing digital marketing to external partners without understanding what’s involved. You may not need to implement the strategy in-house, but you need to know enough to ask the right questions, make suggestions for change and collaborate with your agency partners.

Can you guys just implement the strategy for me?

While we do have experience implementing digital marketing strategies for clients, we purposefully don’t take on the management of your strategy and digital channels because this ensures we remain objective and you can be certain we are providing recommendations with no ulterior motive.

If at the completion of your training you would like recommendations on partners to support you in the continued implementation of your strategy, we would be happy to provide these.

What’s stopping my employee taking this knowledge and moving companies?

Because your staff are trained in areas of digital marketing based on your organisational objectives, the training they receive is tailored to what you are trying to achieve, and how you might stand out from competitors.

Of course, they could still apply their learning in future positions, which is one of the reasons this training is an excellent opportunity for professional development. But without the link to a digital marketing strategy, the lessons won’t be as effective, even in the hands of your competitors.

Weeks of learning is too long, can’t we do a 3-day intensive?

We intentionally break our training into bite-sized modules for a few of reasons:

  1. To make it easier for the learner to absorb the information delivered.
  2. To easier fit into the schedules of full-time working professionals.
  3. To easier enable the use of our readymade marketing templates.
  4. To create a resource which lives on beyond the training period, which your business can continue to refer to on an ongoing basis.

Where are you based?

We’re based in Perth, Western Australia. We train clients through our online platform, and happily hold meetings via video conference, so we welcome clients from across Australia and internationally.

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Learn from local Perth digital marketing consultants.

Aimee Binstead and Carla Young each have experience working in digital agencies as well as working in-house, leading digital marketing teams. Based in Perth, Western Australia, our marketing training takes place almost entirely online so we welcome clients from across Australia.