Email marketing and lead nurture training.

Engage with prospects and customers directly within their inbox.

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Taking email marketing to the next level.

Email marketing is arguably the most accessible, low-cost and high-return digital channel available to businesses. There is real value in owning a quality list of subscribers that you can communicate with directly and without the algorithms or cost requirements of other channels.

However, effective email marketing is no easy feat! 

Too often businesses default to mass email blasts to an entire database, with little segmentation, personalisation or tailored messaging. This can alienate subscribers and decrease open and click rates.



Depending on your business and audience, there are a myriad of possible email marketing approaches, platforms and ways to track and measure performance. We help businesses get the most out email communications, including using this channel for targeted lead nurture activity.

The Insourced audit & training helped equip me with the skills to strategically approach our digital marketing plan; challenging me to re-think our standard ways of doing things.

Katie Lemmer
Production Coordinator at Studio Orange

Email marketing & lead nurture training could include…

Email marketing:

  • Why email still matters
  • What recipients expect
  • Approaches to email marketing
  • Segmentation tactics
  • Personalisation and tailoring
  • Passing spam filters
  • Automating email marketing
  • Tracking and reporting

Lead nurture:

  • Advanced segmentation
  • Lead scoring
  • Aligning to the customer journey
  • Marketing automation software
  • Advanced personalisation
  • Dynamic email content
  • Lead management
  • Tracking and reporting

How it works

The full package includes four stages, all tailored to you and your business.



We’ll review your business goals, your marketing performance to-date and the skills and experience of your in-house team. You'll receive a full audit report with opportunities and skills gaps highlighted.


Based on our findings, we'll create a data-driven digital marketing strategy and action plan bespoke for your business. The strategy is clear, actionable and comprehensive, designed for you to lead in-house.


Once the strategy is set, we train your in-house teams in the areas required. Through our online platform, the modules are available 24/7. We hold check-in calls to answer further questions.


To continue the development of their newly-learned skills, we offer ongoing coaching for your team. If in time you require training in additional areas, you'll have access to a reduced rate.

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With packages suitable for every business, including custom packages, there’s never been a better time to own your digital marketing in-house.

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Typical topics

We can train your team in any area of digital marketing.

The topics we recommend will depend on the goals, team resourcing, and opportunities unique to your business.

No matter the topic, all audits, strategies and training courses are developed bespoke for your business.  

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